The following are our current policies still in force until further notice.
Please respect that this is how we are choosing to operate.
If this is disagreeable to you, we gladly encourage you to find more suitable accommodations elsewhere. :)

  • Masks/face-coverings are required indoors in all common areas. This means anytime you enter the building or step out of your room. Guests are seeking us out because of our policy regarding this amazingly easy act. Please be a good guest here in the motel and in our community. These protocols are temporary, and the end is in sight; we will get through this if we stick together.
    • “but I already had Covid!”  Glad you’re feeling better. You still need to wear a mask.
    • “but I’ve been immunized.”  Congratulations. You still need to wear a mask.
    • “but I tested positive for the antibodies.”  Interesting. You still need to wear a mask.
    • “I’m so sick of wearing a mask!” We feel ya. We are, too. Regardless, please respect our simple request. It is literally only a few steps from any entrance to your door. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Rooms will not be serviced during your stay unless requested. Please dial ‘0’ to arrange for anything you may need during your stay. If you would like your room serviced, please let us know by 12noon by dialing ‘0’ to reach the front desk.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide our breakfast service for you at this time. It is simply too soon yet to resume our breakfast service in our tiny diner, however, there is toaster and microwave; dishes and silverware; hot water and filtered drinking water available for guest use anytime! There are 3 lovely cafes within walking distance of the motel (in order of closest to motel): Kick Coffee on 3rd Ave; 5 & J on 5th Ave;  Glas and Lawless Coffee just across the bridge. Scaturo’s Bakery and Cafe, Kim’s Galley Café and Inn at Cedar Crossing all offer lovely full breakfasts. 3rd Avenue Cafe is also now open under new ownership. Please check with them directly for days and hours (things change quickly around here sometimes! :)  We will announce when we will resume when we have a better idea on how best to proceed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! It's been a difficult time for everyone.

We appreciate your kindness and consideration.