"Dark Songs / The Edgar Allan Polka" is a "killer" week-long songwriting event
that culminates in a 2-night Halloween costume-party extravaganza!
(see below for photos from past year's events!)

2014 Performance dates: 

Friday, October 31st - Third Avenue Playhouse 10:30pm immediately following
TAP's 7:30 showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Saturday, November 1st (7-10pm) Third Avenue Playhouse* 

*TAP is first-come, first-seated.

Confirmed 2014 participants:

Confirmed list as of 10/6: (*** indicates first time participant, * indicates first time in 'Dark Songs')

Andrea Wittgens
Anna Jo *
Barrett Tasky *
Carley Baer
Charles Boheme
Christa Ebert ***
Danielle French
Dan Smrz
Delaney Davidson
Elliot Goettelman
Holly Olm
James Hall
Jim Ohlschmidt ***
Jim Schwall
John Hvezda
John Orlock ***
Julia McConahay ***
Liv Mueller
Marcus Trana ***
Mike Bleck
pat mAcdonald
Patrick Kelly ***
Rick Wood
Ruby James
Stephen Cooper
Steve Hamilton
Sugar Ransom *
Susan Howe *
Tarl Knight
Teve Mith
Tomcat Joe
Tony Menzer
Troy Therrien
Vee Sonnets
Vincent Gates

Dark Songs 2013 artists:

Adam Mackintosh (Chicago, IL)
Andrea Wittgens (New York, NY)
Carley Baer (Portland, OR)
Charles Boheme (Spring Green WI)
Charlie Cheney (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Chris Aaron (Madison, WI)
Craig McClelland (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Danielle French (Calgary, Canada)
Dan Smrz (Baileys Harbor, WI)
Dan O Stoffels (Madison, WI)
David Woods (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Ellie Maybe (Madison, WI)
Elliot Goettelman (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Holly Olm (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
James Hall (Atlanta, GA)
Jamey Clark (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Jeanne Kuhns (Door County, WI)
Jimm McIver (Seattle, WA)
Jim Schwall (Madison, WI)
Joanna Becker (Santa Fe, NM)
John Hvezda (Rockford, IL)
Jon Kanis (San Diego, CA)
Kim Manning (Los Angeles, CA)
Kory Murphy (Rockford, IL)
Landon Capelle (Appleton, WI)  

Liv Mueller (Milwaukee, WI)
melaniejane (Milwaukee/Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Mike Bleck (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Mojo Perry (St. Paul, MN)

pat mAcdonald (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Renee de la Boheme (Spring Green WI)
Rick Wood (Los Angeles, CA)
Ruby James (Los Angeles, CA)
Ryan Thompson (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Stephen Cooper (Fond du Lac, WI)
Steve Smith (Chicago, IL)
Tomcat Joe (Milwaukee, WI)
Tony Menzer (Madison, WI)
Troy Therrien (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Vee Sonnets (Chicago, IL)

Zach Vogel (Sturgeon Bay, WI)

Join our


Recording engineers/mixmasters of the most delightfully devious kind:
Steve Hamilton (Making Sausage Music)
Dan "O" Stoffels (MMI), Chris Aaron,
Steve Smith

Billy Triplett 5/4/1957 - 8/11/2013

Our dear Billy Triplett will be here with us in spirit
and we are all deepely saddened by this monumental loss.

In addition to honoring Billy all week as we write and record,
Friday November 1st's show will feature songs dedicated to,
inspired by and past songs worked on by him.
There is simply no way to honor his memory
in one evening, and so
we will continue to honor him 
every day in song, love and laughter.

Billy, you're still here in our hearts, 
in these walls and in every note we play and sing.
We love and miss you madly.

Second Line Parade to Kick Off Opening Night - 
Tribute to Billy Triplett


The Holiday Music Motel hosts the 5th annual “Dark Songs” songwriting event the week of October 27th with performances taking place on November 1st and 2nd at 7pm at Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay.


As many readers may already know, The Holiday Music Motel/Steel Bridge Songfest family suffered a devastating blow this past August when dearly loved in-house engineer Billy Triplett passed away suddenly and unexpectedly after a long battle with congestive heart failure and diabetes. Since his passing, event organizers pat mAcdonald and melaniejane have been contemplating how best to honor Billy not only throughout the event but to also how to carve out a time to pay special tribute to someone who had become an integral part of the motel’s creative ventures and the local music scene for the past 4 years. It had already been decided that the first night, Friday November 1st, would be the night that focused primarily on Billy and the “Dark Songs” music he was most involved with. It still didn’t seem like enough, though. What else do to in a way that Billy would be delighted and proud?


In an inspired moment, Ruby James, recent Sturgeon Bay transplant and long-time participant of The Holiday Music Motel events (also known as “Wifee and The Huzzband”) suggested, “How about a Second Line parade?” Perfect.


For those that are unfamiliar with a “Second Line,” it is a New Orleans tradition most often held as part of a funeral procession with the purpose of releasing and sending the soul to heaven. Much different from what is most often “the norm” at funerals, a “Second Line” is a celebratory event where costumed participants march through the streets lead by a “Master of Ceremonies” and, typically, a brass band. Ruby James along with James Hall, both of whom have lived in New Orleans, are organizing this portion of the event which will kick off the inaugural night of the Dark Songs performances.


The “Second Line” group will assemble at The Holiday at 6pm on November 1st (rain, snow or shine) and depart the motel shortly thereafter to make their way through the town until they arrive at their final destination at Third Avenue Playhouse at 7pm where the parade will transition immediately into the staged performances for the evening. A limited number of seats at Third Avenue Playhouse will be reserved for Billy’s close friends and family so those close to him wishing to guarantee a seat for the evening’s tribute and performance should call the motel in advance. Those who are interested in participating in the “Second Line” parade are encouraged to call the motel in advance though all are welcome to join the procession.


For more information, please visit www.HolidayMusicMotel.com or call 920-743-5571.


Photos and Videos from past Dark Songs'!!!!!
For more information about this year's Dark Songs Halloween Bash, go to EdgarAllanPolka.com.
Like the immortal Johnny Cash, Edgar Allan Poe was known to dress in black.  Like the legendary rocker Jerry Lee Lewis, he married his 13-year old cousin.  Like many of history’s mad geniuses, he died penniless. And, befitting the great mystery writer, his death arose from mysterious causes under even more mysterious circumstances.  He barely made it through his 40th birthday, so one might imagine he liked to party.  At the very least, he loved to entertain. To this day, classic masterpieces like “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” still provide gloomy reverie for some, gleeful revelry for those of us who enjoy a good dance on the dark side.  And so, in the year 2009, the recently-renovated Holiday Motel invited musicians and music enthusiasts from across the globe to gather in Sturgeon Bay to do The EDGAR ALLAN POLKA on the weekend of what would have been Poe's 200th Halloween. 


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