Dark Songs Oct 23 & 24, 2020
Facebook & YouTube


Your media bubble has burst – the remote has taken control of your screen. And the remote has gone mad. 


A war between good and evil rages on screen. Struggling in vain to regain some semblance of control, we gaze dumbfounded into an electrical hodgepodge of rude interruptions and jarring juxtapositions making one thing clear: the whole control interface is fucked. (Sound familiar?)


Like spirits trapped in grandma’s attic, strange networks emerge from the static. One station haunted, one waiting on a train from shamelessly commercial to fucking insane, eternal infernal infomercials scream a recurring theme: “A Hundred Halloween Hits!”


Where is all this chaos coming from? Is this the dark web? “A Hundred Halloween Hits” (the recurring infomercial) will use audiovisual snippets from existing or non-existent songs, Two gushingly nostalgic presenters introduce song snippets emerging and disappearing in the mishmash of conflicting signals.


Streams to you LIVE on Friday and Saturday October 23 and 24 at 7pm on Facebook and YouTube! Stay tuned for more information!!!



Participating goblins as of 9/27/2020


Andrea Wittgens

Barrett Tasky

Ben Spatol

Bruce Butkovich

Carley Baer

Cathy Grier

Charles Boheme

Claire Kelly

Danielle French

DanO Stoffels

Ellie Maybe

Emily Zimmer

Eric McFadden

Eric "Wobbles" Rowe

Genevieve Heyward

Gervis Myles

Granville Mullings

Greg Roteik

Jack Maher

James Hall

Jimm McIver

Joe Golemb

Josh Harty

Kate Vargas

Lillie Lemon

Lily DeTaeye

Liv Mueller

Loren Tee

Marja Hansen

Mike Wheeler

Morgan Rae

Patrick Kelly

Sam Lyons

Steve Smith

Tae Popour


Victoria Vox

Vincent Gates

Wally Ingram


Wyatt Glave

Zach Roach

Zach Vogel