(as much as possible)

In an industry such as ours, it is difficult, to say the least, to completely avoid using things that can be harmful to our environment. HOWEVER, we do what we can, whenever we can, and continually strive to improve upon ways in which we can help to protect the environment. 

Forced to renovate in 2007, The Holiday Music Motel made a decision to do what we could to be environmentally friendly. Here are some of the things we did and continue to do to be a responsible global citizen.
  • environmentally friendly paints in all of the rooms   -  The paint used throughout the building is low VOC paint, in keeping with the Holiday’s commitment to environmental sustainability. When compared to regular paint, which will offgas harmful chemicals for as many as 10 years, low VOC paint releases far fewer toxins into the environment, creating a safer and healthier stay for our guests.
  • environmentally friendly carpeting and other materials
  • active recycling program: glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, batteries, light blubs, printer cartridges, etc. are all collected to be properly disposed of
  • recycling bins provided in all guest rooms and common areas
  • responsible paper products that use 100% recovered paper fiber and 80% post-consumer materials
  • individual climate controls in all rooms
  • high efficiency washer and dryer
  • bulk soap dispensers in rooms 
  • conservation towel and linen program
  • natural cleaning products (no heavy perfumes. People with allergies, low tolerances for perfumes and high-sensitivity to chemicals have found The Holiday a refreshingly comfortable stay!!!)
  • reduced single-use plastics
  • organic cottons for most of our towels and linens
  • re-usable shopping bags used whenever we shop for the motel
  • LED light bulbs used in 98% of all lighting fixtures
  • motion sensors on many light fixtures
  • individual high-efficiency hot water heaters in kitchen areas
  • use of real china and silverware in breakfast diner and guest rooms (no disposables)
  • minimization of our dryer use by line-drying some items whenever possible (nothing like fresh linens off the clothesline!)
  • organic laundry soap and dish soap
  • bulk purchasing program for most all supplies
  • low-flow water fixtures on all faucets and shower heads
  • biodegradable plastic trash containers in all guest rooms
  • Energy Star certified televisions in every room
The initial goal was to seek a LEED certification, however, the high cost of making the necessary changes has prevented us at this time from going 100% to qualify.  We still intend to pursue fulfilling the requirements and to set a precedent in the motel/hotel industry and in our community to make a difference by reducing our carbon footprints.

We hope you will join us in doing what you can, where you can, whenever you can!

Every little bit counts!