Love On Holiday 2019!!!

Feb 8 & 9 at Third Avenue Playhouse

both nights start at 7:30pm

(Doors open to lobby at 6:30. Door to theater at 7pm)

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Artworks for this year’s event will be on display at The Miller Art Museum (107 S 4th Street in downtown Sturgeon Bay) February 1st - 14th (open Monday 10am-8pm; Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm). Admission for this pop-up art exhibit is free and open to the public.

Examining the language used in other art forms helps us to expand the language which we use within our own. The Love On Holiday collaboration between musicians and visual artists reaches to do just that.

While many parallels can be drawn between the two art forms, there are obvious undeniable differences. Music has a broad palette to work from through words and sounds and even through medium and distribution; there is more of an immediacy to its access, translation and understanding, while visual art--outside from the obvious--sits still and quiet, telepathically transmitting purpose, history, emotion, intentions. The visual artist is speaking to us through what we are viewing but all too often we cannot understand. It is that quiet, nagging, often unsettling wonderment that changes our own thinking and perception, that alters our synapses and thought processes and remains with us long after we leave the space of a work that moved us.

It is emotion manifested in the visual.

Perhaps this is how the visual artists “sing.”

The artists generously loaning their work for this year’s songwriting collaborative are bravely allowing their works to be mined and explored for inspiration, story and meaning; to have it interpreted and translated through the immediacy of the art of songcraft performed before the public within days, if not hours, of being written.

Unavoidably influenced by the songwriters’ own history and experiences, the collaboration between these two worlds will, as in years past, yield music of a depth and power that only this unique cross-collaboration can inspire.


Songwriters for Love On Holiday 2019!

Confirmed participants as of 1/23/2019:

Alex Wilson

Andrea Wittgens

Barrett Tasky

Ben Spatol

Bruce Butkovich

Carley Baer

Cathy Grier

Claire Kelly

Eric McFadden

Eric Rowe

Feathered Mason

Genevieve Heyward

Greg Roteik

Jadacey Teska

James Hall

Jamey Clark

Josh Harty

Kate Vargas

Leilani Diaz

Liam Hall

Lillie Lemon

Liv Mueller

Matt Spatol


Mike Bleck

Patrick Kelly

pat mAcdonald

Ruby James

Sam Lyons

Steve Hamilton

Steve Smith

Victoria Vox


Visual Artists!

Boys and Girls Club / Sturgeon Bay Health Services residents

Carli Ihde

Christine Style

Cody LaCrosse

Cynthia Wolfe

Dan Cross

Ernest Beutel

Gretchen Anderson Huber

Jordan Lenius

Katie Baeten

Kit Peot

Mary Casey Martin

Monica Ramirez

Niki Kaftan

Ram Rojas

Steve Dorchester