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  1. Crow Black Crow

From the recording Dark Songs Vol. V

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(Adam Mackintosh, Troy Therrien, Craig McClelland, Carley Baer) Performed by: Adam Mackintosh - guitar, vocals / Craig McClelland - bass, vocals, tuba / Troy Therrien - guitar, vocals / Carley Baer - vocals / Jamey Clark - drums


Left the quiet wood with an axe, not a gun
Figured no one was around to see what I’d done
Out in the pines, you’re never really alone
Up on the branch was that damn black crow

Don’t the quiet wood keep a secret
I see you everywhere that I go
Don’t you got the key to this prison?
Won’t you tell the world what you know?
Crow black crow

Had to get out, you were lining the wires
You only disappear when the daylight expires
I went to the bar, drink was workin’ like a charm
Woke up this morning, you were tattooed on my arm


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